Virtual Attendant™

Your community’s easy-to-use parking app.


The #1 Parking App for Multifamily Communities

Since the very beginning, our goal of making easy-to-use, accessible software is no more evident than in Virtual Attendant. What started off as a simple online guest form that produced a printed pass, has now become the parking app for over 100,000 residents across the county.

Virtual Attendant works in all the latest browsers on any smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer connected to the Internet.


Completely customizable rules and time limits for every scenario, including a paid parking option. The Virtual Gate passcodes guarantees only guests of your community are using your guest parking. Plus, automatic notifications are built in. More about Guest Parking…

Allow your guests to register without giving them access to your private Virtual Gate passcode. Preauthorize generates a link that you can text or email your guest so they can complete the registration.

At any moment, a resident can check how much of their allocated guest parking they have used as well as cancel any of their currently registered guests. Requires the Virtual Gate passcode.


This public list allows your residents to see what vehicles are currently registered in the community. No additional information is show—only the license plate numbers. This optional setting is loved by HOAs & condos because it’s a great tool for self-enforcement.

As an option, Smart Decals may activated by residents themselves. This takes some of the work-load off management. All management needs to do is distribute the decals with instructions provided by Parking Boss, which is why this feature is also loved by condos & HOAs. More about Smart Decals…

Our integrated Smart Warning stickers allows the vehicle owner to view all the details of their violation, including the photos taken by patrol. More about Violations & Smart Warning Stickers…


Your community rules, time limits, and consequences are easily accessible for your residents and guests.

A convenient link to the property’s location.