Record violations and catch repeat offenders.


Record in Seconds

Parking Managers and Field Agents can quickly search a license plate of the offending vehicle. From there, it takes only seconds to record a violation, including:

  • Reason for the violation
  • Additional notes
  • Multiple photos
  • Smart Warning sticker #

The violation will instantly be added to the vehicle’s history.


Smart Warning Stickers

Mistakes happen and everyone deserves the chance to follow the rules, so we strongly encourage at least one clear, documented warning before taking more drastic action.

Our professional 4”x6” warning stickers are the perfect way to firmly but politely notify the offending vehicle owner.

The unique warning number on the sticker is entered by patrol when the violation is logged. This allows the vehicle owner to easily look up the violation details, including the date/time, reason, and even the photos.


Know When to Escalate with Repeat Violations

Unfortunately, repeat violators are a reality in every community. Parking Boss has a customizable violation threshold to easily escalate enforcement when appropriate.

The “Repeat Violations” list is perfect for viewing all the repeat offenders at a glance. Clicking on a vehicle gives patrol the right information for taking the next step. For instance, a “Tow On Next Violation” alert is clearly visible on plate 987XYZ.


Violation Notifications


Parking Managers can send a violation notification to any email or mobile phone. 


The recipient receives an email or text message with a link to view the violation details, including the photos.


Bring integrity to your parking.