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A Brief History

Everett, WA Headquarters

Everett, WA Headquarters

Co-founders Nathan LeMesurier and Joel DuChesne began working together at Luminous, a design agency based in Everett, WA, in 2001. They collaborated on numerous projects for companies including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Fluke Networks, and ESPN. Nathan’s background in software engineering and Joel’s in creative, gave them the unique ability to design and build two comprehensive web-based content management systems for enterprise and small business websites. The knowledge and experienced gained over the next decade allowed them to deliver what would come next.

Parking software was never on the radar, but in 2009 Nathan moved into a condo and eventually joined the HOA board. He saw how much of a mess the parking was, especially guest parking. There was no easy way to enforce the rules, which resulted in constant abuse. Nathan knew software could be the answer.

So Nathan and Joel designed an easy system to register guest vehicles and quickly felt they were onto something. The initial prototype was a simple online form linked to a database that tracked vehicle parking time. Guests could register their vehicle and print a paper pass. With a little enforcement, the abuse ended and there were open spaces for guests again. Read more...

In 2011 Parking Boss was born.

The online registration form eventually became known as Virtual Attendant—and since the smartphone was becoming so prevalent, the need to print a pass quickly disappeared and became electronic registration only.

Since resident’s were responsible for most of the abuse, it didn’t take long before Parking Boss customers started asking for a permit system for resident vehicles as well. Not satisfied with the generic parking decals already available, they went to work on creating the next-generation window sticker permit, and the Smart Decal was born.

Over the past few years, more and more features have been added to Parking Boss resulting in additional benefits to their communities and commercial properties, and the Parking Boss team is always looking for the next great idea to help them out even more.

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