Special Permits

Flexibility when you need it.


Special Permits are just like normal guest permits but are not subject to the built-in community time limits. They may only be created by Parking Managers.

And just like guest permits created by the Virtual Attendant, Special Permits show as active in the Guest Parking Safelist while the permit is valid.

Special Permits are perfect for:

  • Out-of-town guests staying longer than standard community rules allow
  • Caretakers
  • Contractors
  • House-sitters/Nannies


Printed Passes

Parking for group events.


A resident or community may need several permits to accommodate a gathering of multiple people. Instead of generating a Special Permit for each vehicle, Parking Managers can generating one convenient, printable permit, and email it for every guest to print and place on their dashboard.

Printed Passes also have built in barcodes for easy validation by patrol.


Solve your parking problems.