Resident Parking with Smart Decals™

Record, track, and verify resident vehicles.


Something for Everyone to See

Each Smart Decal has a unique ID number and scannable barcode for quick validation and the user’s access level determines the amount of information that’s available.


Public View (scan)

A quick barcode scan displays the corresponding decal number, license plate of the vehicle it’s assigned to, space number it should be parked in, and most critically whether or not the decal is active or inactive. Because this “self-enforcing” view is available to everyone, it creates a sense of accountability without revealing private information.

Field Agent View

Field Agent users may see the unit number of the vehicle’s owner—perfect in case of emergency or for a courtesy notice before towing. Field Agents can also add notes to any Smart Decal or vehicle history.

Manager View

Parking Managers have full access to everything associated to the Smart Decal, including the tenant’s full contact information. Managers may also revoke decals, update, or reassign decals to a different vehicle.


Assigning Smart Decals

By Management

Parking Managers have the ability to assign and revoke Smart Decals. It takes just seconds to link a decal to a license plate, unit number, space number, and contact information. Typically, Parking Boss supplies decals to community management who will be responsible for activation and distribution.

By Residents

Parking Boss includes an option that allows individual residents to assign their Smart Decals to their own vehicles using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. All management needs to do is distribute the decals, with the detailed instructions provided by Parking Boss, and the rest is done by the residents.

By Parking Boss

Optionally, Parking Boss may facilitate the entire process of distributing and assigning Smart Decals to your homeowners/tenants. This approach removes the burden from off-site management and is especially helpful to HOAs.

Additional fees apply


Assigning Smart Decals is quick and easy.

Enter the decal number, unit, assigned space (if applicable), license plate, and contact information.

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Standard Smart Decals

Our standard 1.5” x 2.5” Smart Decals come in black, green, blue, red, yellow, and purple. For communities needing two or more types of decals (e.g. open spaces & assigned spaces), we recommend using two different colors.

Decals come in both exterior and interior stick options.


Custom Options

We can custom design just about any decal. From colors and text to logos and sizes, we’ll work with you to create the right solution that will meet your specific goals.

Additional fees may apply


As Strong As They Are Smart

Our stock exterior window decals are made from a weatherproof substrate and adhesive with an extra protective layer of UV lamination, giving them a 3 year life expectancy in all weather conditions. Interior stick window decals are also available if desired.


Make your parking more intelligent.