Paid Parking

Generate revenue with your private lot.


The easy-to-use, self-service paid parking solution for private lots.


Are you wasting a valuable revenue-generating opportunity?
Would you like your resident’s guests to pay for overnight parking?
Do you have a small lot perfectly located for event parking?

Our simple paid parking solution may be just what you need!


Secure Payments

We’ve taken our proven guest registration software and built a robust pay-to-park solution using industry-standard online payment processing systems, Stripe and ApplePay.


Customizable Limits & Prices

Limits can be set to regulate length of stay and cost. For instance, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or all day, can be set with different dollar amounts.

Or, if your lot is used for commercial tenant parking during the day, it can easily be converted to paid parking for evening and overnight stays.


Quickly Spot Violators

It takes only seconds for any Parking Manager or Field Agent to check the Safelist of currently registered vehicles. If a parked vehicle is not in the list, you’ll know they’re not in compliance. You can decide the most appropriate action to take next, such as logging a violation, placing a Barnacle on the vehicle, or towing.


Pay to Park Signs

Our 12”x18” professional-grade aluminum signs make it easy for patrons to register and pay for parking. Our experienced in-house design team can create custom signs with your name, logo, and colors at no additional cost.

Custom sandwich boards provide a perfect solution for a quick setup event parking solution.



Requiring the vehicle owner’s email and/or mobile number during registration can be important for two reasons:

First, they’ll instantly receive an email and/or text when the permit is initially created, and also 15 minutes before their time is up, giving them plenty of time to pay for additional parking or retrieve their vehicle.

Second, the vehicle owner’s contact info can be instantly accessed by Parking Managers in case of an emergency.


Start generating revenue today!