Multifamily Parking Solutions

“The positive reviews alone are making Parking Boss worth it.”

— Stephanie Young, Regional Property Manager


Are poor reviews effecting your bottom line?


A recent study by Moz found that only 3 negative reviews can cost a business 59% of their customers.

Multifamily is competitive, and today more than ever, customers qualify their options online. Negative reviews are often times the result of poor parking. Eventually these reviews will have an impact on your ability to compete with surrounding communities and meet your revenue goals.

Parking Boss can help you take back your lot and turn your parking into a positive asset for your community.

“First off, there are not enough parking spots for all of the residents living here. Guests, visitors? God help you.”
— Actual Yelp review from Tampa, FL

‘Secure resident parking’ is the 2nd most desired community amenity.

2017 NMHC/Kingsley Study


Parking is an amenity. Treat it like one.

Community amenities such as resort-inspired pools, package lockers, dog parks, and state-of-the-art fitness centers are always highlighted—and for good reason. But shouldn’t your parking be looked at the same way? After all, there’s few things more frustrating to your residents than coming home from a tough day at work only to fight for a spot to park. Or wanting a guest over for dinner but telling them it’s not worth it because there’s simply nowhere for them to park. So it should’t be too surprising according to a recent study by NMHC/Kingsley, “secure resident parking” is the 2nd most desired community amenity.

Since parking is limited and valuable, your best residents want clear rules that are fairly enforced, otherwise they’ll become frustrated and look to live somewhere else. But even the best rules are useless unless they’re easy to consistently enforce. Parking Boss excels at this, creating a more pleasant community for your residents to live in, their guests to visit, and for you to manage.

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Multifamily Solutions


Guest Parking

Guest parking is notoriously abused and difficult to enforce...until now: our innovative Virtual Attendant provides easy and fast 24/7 guest vehicle registration, automatically enforces your visitor rules to prevent abuse by residents (or de-facto residents), and makes enforcement simple and clear.

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Resident Parking

Resident vehicles should be easy to identify and verify: Smart Decals make this a snap. We’ve taken the standard window sticker to the next level with a smartphone-scannable barcode that instantly validates. This takes the hassle out of determining whether or not a permit has been revoked, matches the vehicle it’s assigned to, or is parked in the right place.

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Parking Manager™

The Parking Manager app offers all the control property management and board members need to successfully manage and enforce your parking—both in the office and in the field.

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The Field Agent app and Smart Warning stickers provide your  onsite or 3rd party patrol teams everything they need to effectively and efficiently enforce your community rules with professionalism. And because this is your account, you see what actions patrol takes and when they do it.

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Interactive Parking Maps

Our experienced design & development team will build a custom interactive map of your property that maximizes the effectiveness of Parking Boss. A live heads-up view of the community’s assigned spaces will allow your team to make informed decisions about where to place resident vehicles, including how many you have available and how many that have been assigned. Selecting a space number on the map will give you instant access to the unit, vehicle, and resident contact info. Also, by setting a cost to your assigned spaces, you’ll be able to quickly run a revenue report directly within Parking Boss.

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Paid Parking

The easy-to-use, self-service paid parking solution for private lots. Are you wasting a valuable revenue-generating opportunity? Would you like your resident’s guests to pay for overnight parking? Do you have a small lot perfectly located for event parking? Our simple paid parking solution may be just what you need!

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“Over the past eight months, we’ve implemented two services that have greatly improved our resident and staff experience, Parking Boss and Amazon Hub package lockers.”
— Rachel Phinney, Apartment Manager at Pinnacle

Key Benefits of Parking Boss


Parking Harmony

Multifamily parking is notorious for abuse and community friction. Our managed parking solution keeps residents accountable and visitor parking open for guests. That means fair parking for everyone and peace of mind for you. In short, parking harmony.

Generate Revenue

Budgets are a big part of community management, but parking doesn’t have to be a big part of the budget. Add the benefits of fair and managed parking for a reasonable monthly cost or generate revenue by charging residents a small, one-time permit fee for each one of their vehicles. 

Works Even When You’re Not

From 24/7 self-service guest parking and easy patrol integration to automatic notifications and intelligent detection of abuse patterns, Parking Boss coordinates and monitors everything with your parking and let’s you know when you need to take a closer look.


Increased Security

» Get any vehicle’s info in seconds with any smartphone, tablet, or desktop
» Search any plate, decal, or unit number
» Identify resident vehicles with Smart Decals

Tech You Already Use

Many parking systems require expensive hardware installation and ongoing maintenance. Parking Boss was built to use the latest web-based technology on the computers in your leasing office or the smartphone already in your pocket.

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Make Informed Decisions

Parking Boss Reports help answer questions about what’s happening in your lot, such as, “Who’s consistently using the most guest parking time?”, “Are there unauthorized renters at my community?”, and “Who are the repeat violators?”.

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