Condo & HOA Parking Solutions

“We are able to enforce our rules to make our community safe. This is a must have for all communities.”

— Josue, HOA President in Pompano Beach FL


Take control of your common area parking.


Parking is limited and valuable, and residents in your community want clear rules that are fairly enforced.

Too often, arguments and disagreements among homeowners are the result of parking problems. Maybe it’s “that guy” with way too many vehicles causing frustration. Or the live-in “guest” who’s always monopolizing a guest space—especially when you need it!

Like most communities, you probably have rules to keep these things from happening. But even the best rules are useless unless they’re easy to consistently enforce. Parking Boss excels at this, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for residents and guests alike.

“I have never used a tool that so cleanly, efficiently and effectively gets at the meat of what we needed.”
— Brian, HOA Board member in San Francisco, CA

Condo & HOA Solutions


Guest Parking Solutions

Guest parking is notoriously abused and difficult to enforce...until now: our innovative Virtual Attendant provides easy and fast 24/7 guest vehicle registration, automatically enforces your guest rules to prevent abuse by residents (or de-facto residents), and makes enforcement simple and clear.

The Safelist of registered guest vehicles can be made visible to all residents, allowing them to see who should and shouldn’t be parked in their community.

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Resident Parking Solutions

Resident vehicles should be easy to identify and verify: Smart Decals make this a snap. We’ve taken the standard window sticker to the next level with a smartphone-scannable barcode that instantly validates. This takes the hassle out of determining whether or not a permit has been revoked, matches the vehicle it’s assigned to, or is parked in the right place.

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Parking Manager™

The Parking Manager app offers all the control property management and board members need to successfully manage and enforce your parking—both in the office and in the field.

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The Field Agent app along with Smart Warning stickers provides the tools your board members or third party courtesy patrol needs to effectively and efficiently enforce your community rules.

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Key Benefits of Parking Boss


Parking Harmony

Virtual Attendant and Smart Decals may be used on their own, but when used together, they intelligently share information to curb abuse and make your job easier. For instance, vehicles assigned a Smart Decal are automatically blocked from registering as a guest with Virtual Attendant, no explicit ban of the vehicle is necessary.

Increased Awareness & Security

» See the guests allowed to park in your community using the Safelist
» Get any vehicle’s info in seconds with any smartphone, tablet, or desktop
» Search any plate, decal, or unit number
» Identify resident vehicles with Smart Decals
» Integrate the patrol company you already use

Works Even When You’re Not

From 24/7 self-service guest parking and easy patrol integration to  automatic notifications and intelligent detection of abuse patterns, Parking Boss coordinates and monitors everything with your parking and let’s you know when you need to take a closer look.


Make Informed Decisions

Parking Boss Reports help answer questions about what’s happening in your lot, such as, “Who’s consistently using the most guest parking time?”, “Are there illegal renters at my community?”, and “Who are the repeat violators?”.

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Tech You Already Use

Many parking systems require expensive hardware installation and ongoing maintenance. Parking Boss was built to use the latest web-based technology on the computers in your leasing office or the smartphone already in your pocket.

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Team Collaboration

Other’s can help share the load by granting admin access to members of your team.

» Management, staff, & HOA boards
» Third-party patrollers with Field Agent
» Know who, what & when with Histories