Commercial & Healthcare Parking Solutions


“I can't imagine going back to not having Parking Boss.”

— Rusty, Tyson House in Knoxville TN


Easy and effective vehicle management.

Parking solutions costing ten’s to even hundred’s of thousands of dollars exist for large-scale facilities. However, small to mid-sized commercial buildings, office parks, schools, hospitals, and healthcare facilities have been left to their own devices. The result is usually a good-hearted facilities manager or security team coming up with a disjointed DIY solution of hang tags, stickers, and spreadsheets.

Now there’s a better way.

Parking Boss’ cloud-based apps and integrated smart materials is the perfect parking management solution for small to mid-sized commercial and healthcare  campuses.


Parking Manager™

The Parking Manager app offers all the control your team needs to successfully manage and enforce your parking—both in the office and in the field. You can add unlimited Managers to your account to help share the load. Managers have full access with privileges like assigning Smart Decals, issuing Violations, creating Printed Passes, and running Reports.

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Smart Decals™

Every Parking Boss Smart Decal has a unique serial number and QR barcode. Our standard 1.5” x 2.5” decals come in black, green, blue, red, yellow, and purple, and both in exterior and interior stick options.


Custom Options

We can custom design just about any decal. From colors and text to logos and sizes, we’ll work with you to create the right solution that will meet your specific goals.

Additional fees may apply


Assigning Smart Decals is a Breeze


By Management/Security/HR

Parking Managers have the ability to assign and revoke Smart Decals. It takes just seconds to link a decal to a license plate, department, space number, and contact information. Parking Boss supplies all the decals you need on an ongoing basis.

By Employees/Tenants

Parking Boss includes an option that allows your employees to assign a Smart Decal to their own vehicle using their smartphone or computer. All you need to do is distribute the decals with the detailed instructions provided by Parking Boss.


Violations and Smart Warning Stickers

We’ve made it super simple for your on-site team or third-party patrol to record violations, notify vehicle owners, and catch repeat offenders.

Using the warning number, the offending vehicle owner can easily look up the details of their violation with any smartphone.

Employees with a Smart Decal on their vehicle will automatically be notified by email when a violation is issued to them.

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Printed Passes

You may need several permits to accommodate a meeting of larger groups of people. Parking Managers can generate one convenient, printable permit, and email it for every visitor to print and place on their dashboard.

Printed Passes also have built in barcodes for easy validation by patrol as well as a convenient map to your location for the visitor.


Cloud-Hosted for Reliability & Performance

Parking Boss is built from the ground up on the industry leading Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms providing scale, redundancy, and reliability.

There’s nothing for IT to deploy and updates are automatic.


Use Technology You’ve Already Got

There’s no need to invest in additional expensive equipment because Parking Boss takes advantage of the technology you already own and use—like all the latest smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


Take Control of Your Parking

Starts at $295/mo with no setup fees