Introducing: Smart Meter

The latest update to the Virtual Attendant allows for more customized guest parking rules.

When the first version of Parking Boss was launched, guest vehicle registration with automatic floating time limits was a groundbreaking feature. There was nothing available that could enforce rules like “24 hours of parking in any 7 days” in a way that was user-friendly. For managers, the alternative was manually tracking each vehicle as they came and went at the community.

Previously, a manager could choose one set of guest parking rules in their Parking Boss account, such as allowing a vehicle 14 days of guest parking in one month, or 48 hours of guest parking in a rolling 7 day period.

Smart Meter takes this a step further with a completely configurable set of rules. Parking limits can be “stacked” in any combination based on homes, vehicles, length of stay, or maximum number of vehicles parked at one time.

For example:


An apartment community rules are 10 days of parking per guest vehicle in one month with a maximum of 3 days in a row.

Han is a resident at the community. His friend Luke can register his vehicle a total of 10 days in any month. However, if Luke registers for three days in a row, Smart Meter won’t allow him to register again on the fourth day. This requires Luke to move his vehicle off property for a day before coming back and registering again.

guest parking calendar short.png

These types of combined rules mean that managers have more control over their guest parking, and that certain guests aren’t able to monopolize already limited parking spaces. Because fair parking is better parking.

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