New Features Allow Residents to Monitor Their Guest Parking Usage

We’ve added more functionality to the Virtual Attendant to make it even more user-friendly for residents and guests.

There are two new features for residents in communities that use passcodes. A passcode is a unique 4-digit number that limits parking per unit/home. From any mobile or desktop device, residents will be able to check how much parking time they’ve used. If a resident wants to let a guest park, but doesn’t want to share their passcode with that guest, they can pre-authorize the guest to park, sending them a registration link instead (if allowed). Here’s a quick overview of the new features:



Residents can allow guests to register without giving them access to the private Virtual Gate passcode. Preauthorize generates a link that residents can text or email to guests so they can complete the registration.


Check Your Usage

At any moment, a resident can check how much of their allocated guest parking they have used as well as cancel any of their currently registered guests. Requires the Virtual Gate passcode.