The Virtual Attendant is Now Even Better

The Virtual Attendant is a 24/7 guest registration portal, allowing guests or residents to register their guest permit with a community at any time within the parking time limits. Permits are subject to the time limits set by the community and how much parking time is allowed.

Previously, the Virtual Attendant was mainly a tool for guest parking management. Guests would go to a community’s unique URL or scan a guest parking sign barcode, which would take them to the permit registration page. 

So what’s changed? Guests can still register parking permits, but now residents can also use the portal to activate their Smart Decals (available with Pro Plans) and any vehicle owner can look up violations recorded against their vehicle.  While residents can activate their decal, only a Manager-level admin can edit their decal information after activation.

We talked to our Co-Founder, Nathan LeMesurier, about the update:


What was the reason for the new Virtual Attendant interface?

Nathan: We’ve been building a number of resident/guest self-service tools; Virtual Attendant, Smart Decal self-activation, and Smart Warning stickers, but up until now they’ve been all over the place.

This is really the first part of bringing these all together into one place and creating a true “community parking app”. And we have more planned, such as self-service history and time usage. We’re just getting started!

Guest parking registration

Guest parking registration


Does this change the way that community residents or guests use the Virtual Attendant?

Nathan: The biggest change you’ll see is the new Resident Parking section. If you have Self Activation enabled, they’ll be able to jump right into activating a Smart Decal. Otherwise, they’ll simply be directed to contact you about resident permits.

Resident decal activation

Resident decal activation

If a violation with a warning sticker was issued, the owner can also look up the violation details simply by scanning the barcode or tapping “Lookup Violation” and entering the number on the sticker.


Are there any other benefits managers will see?

Nathan: Well, there’s the new community branding features, which we think apartment marketers will especially like. We now support a header photo and footer logo that really helps make it yours.

Customized header at Tivalli Apartments

Customized header at Tivalli Apartments


When will the updates take place?

The new version is now live, so all users should be able to see the new interface, although some functions will be different depending on your community’s plan (such as resident self-registration, available for Pro & Premium Plans). 

If your new Virtual Attendant does not currently display a photo of your community and you would like it to, or you would like to upgrade your plan to get resident decal self-activation, please contact us and we can get it done for you. 

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