Special Permits: FAQ's

Our customers love that our software is easy to use, but sometimes questions may still come up. We’ve shown the basics of Special Permits in the past, but this time we’ll get more specific.

If you’ve been wondering when to use them (or what they do), then look no further. We've covered a few of the most common questions:


What is a Special Permit?

A Special Permit works like a guest permit but is not subject to built-in community time limits. For example, perhaps your community rules state that a guest may park for 72 hours in a 7-day period, but a resident has an out-of-town guest arriving for a week. You want a permit that works around your Virtual Attendant rules.

You can assign a Special Permit to the vehicle for the week the guest is visiting. The vehicle license plate will show up on the vehicle Safelist, just like a regular guest permit would, letting your patrol know the guests are okay to park. The Special Permit won't count against the resident's normal guest parking limits.

Who can assign a Special Permit? 

Only a Parking Manager user-level admin can create a Special Permit. Field Agents don’t have access to this function.

How do I create one?

  1. Log in to the Manager dashboard on your mobile device or desktop.
  2. From the Guest Parking tab, tap the “New Special Permit” menu option
  3. Fill out the form with the vehicle license plate number, permit start & stop dates and times, contact info and any other relevant notes.
  4. Tap “Register Special Permit” That’s it! The vehicle's license plate will now appear on the guest parking Safelist as a Special Permit.

When should I use a Special Permit?

Ultimately, the decision will depend on the judgment of the community manager, and how flexible they want to be. We’ve listed some examples:

Use Special Permits for:

  • A resident has a caretaker who needs daily parking time
  • A resident has guests coming in from out of town for a week or extended time period
  • A resident has hired a house-sitter while they are on vacation
  • A resident is using a rental car temporarily

Don't use Special Permits for:

  • A resident who wants to use Special Permits to park a third or extra vehicle
  • A resident who routinely maxes out their guest parking time, and wants additional time for one of their “normal” guests

What’s the difference between a Special Permit and a Printed Pass?

Special Permits are tied to a single vehicle’s license plate and are best for individual situations. 

Printed Passes are great for groups of visitors as they aren’t related to a specific vehicle. If there will be multiple visitors at a specific date and time, a printed pass is most convenient.

Rather than create a Special Permit for each guest vehicle, you can generate one Printed Pass. Set the date, parking time, who the guests are visiting, and the reason or event. 


Special Permits are digital guest permits, and are meant only for special guest parking situations. Printed Passes are for any special parking situation, and can be printed by the manager or emailed to guests to print and place on their dashboard. Printed Passes also have built-in barcodes for easy validation by patrol.

Use Printed Passes for:

  • An event hosted in the community cabana
  • Extra parking needed for a birthday party 
  • Contractors who need to park during renovations


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