New Feature! Residents Can Now Self-Register Decals


Residents can now self-register their parking decals with a quick QR code scan.

(Learn more about our resident Smart Decals here.)

Resident decal registration has just become even easier and more efficient. Previously, a manager would need to register each decal before distributing them to residents. 

Now a manager can save time and reduce hassle by allowing their residents to register their own decals–right from their smartphones. Scanning the decal QR code lets them register in one easy step.

Concerned about how much access they’ll have? No worries! Residents can register their own decals when scanned, but only an Admin is able to edit or revoke a decal (Admin access is also required to register a decal through url).

After scanning, residents can quickly enter their license plate, unit number, and contact information. A unique passcode can also be enabled for added security. 

Once the decal is registered, admins and patrol can quickly see that the resident is active and OK to park!

Watch the video below to see a quick overview of decal registration.

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