The Advantages of Hiring a Patrol Company

Save Time & Add Accountability 

Let’s talk about time. Because as a residential manager or HOA board member, you don’t have a lot of it. Rather than trying to memorize parking regulations, field resident parking complaints, and enforce violations, consider the benefits of hiring a parking patrol company. Often when managing many tasks, it's difficult to invest the needed time into all of them. A patrol company has the time and resources to effectively maintain fair parking, and deal with issues that may arise.

A search of communities on Yelp showed many residents frustrated with lack of follow through without security. As this reviewer stated: " Reserved parking is a joke because there are no consequences to those who park in a paid carport space..." Having clear (and visible) enforcement of your community parking rules creates more fairness, especially when it’s a third party, and not you. When you add patrol personnel as Field Agents in Parking Boss, you can see any permits and violations that have been added, keeping you informed.

A patrol company also creates a barrier between you and upset violators or residents, saving you time and stress. Professional patrol companies are typically trained to evaluate and understand parking lot security risks, and can also create a separation between you and those upset over parking violations. If you do need to step in, you can use Parking Boss to quickly look up a vehicle's history, and any notes added by security. 

Security & Peace of Mind

Often even the knowledge that parking is being regularly patrolled or monitored can deter a potential violator. Having security that also patrols the lot at night can help reduce vandalism and thefts, and create a greater sense of security for your residents. Yelp reviewers of communities with parking patrols said, "the building feels safe" and, "Security on site 24/7… with security on site, I feel very safe and had never been harassed." Using Field Agent, patrol can log violations, ban vehicles from parking, and even upload photos of offending or suspicious vehicles.

In 2014 the FBI recorded 689,527 reports of stolen cars, at a value of over $4.5 billion ( This number is actually a decrease from previous years, and subsequently people are less worried about car theft. According to the same report, urban areas are at the highest of theft. Having patrol in your lot can greatly decrease the chance of theft and create a sense of security for your residents, and their guests. Knowing there is a well maintained lot can also boost your community’s reputation and the confidence of prospective residents.

Remove Conflict of Interest

It's easy to get stuck in the middle of a dispute, especially if you are part of an HOA board. When a HOA board member handles parking violations and complaints, there is a potential for conflict of interest. It can be difficult to enforce rules with people you know, your neighbors, or even your own visitors and family members. They may expect more leniency, putting you in a difficult position. A third party patrol company can alleviate that stress and help eliminate that conflict by relieving you of that responsibility. It also frees up valuable time that would have been spent addressing the parking violations and complaints.

An outside patrol company has the time, knowledge and experience to handle parking issues more efficiently. Paired with the Parking Boss management system, they can alleviate the pressures of managing your communities parking, and help you save time. If you would like to speak with a Parking Boss expert about managing your parking, contact us today.

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