Why Parking Boss Works Better than Spreadsheets

If you have ever been involved in tracking data, you’ve probably used a spreadsheet program like Excel. This is no surprise; spreadsheets are common, and fairly easy to set up. They have many helpful functions which allow them to store and compute data. There are, however, several drawbacks to storing your data in spreadsheets. 

Spreadsheets are a Hassle

First of all, spreadsheets are often difficult to read, with multiple columns and rows and no clear hierarchy between types of data. Simply navigating the document can become a chore. 
Despite one’s best efforts, mistakes are common when performing the manual data entry a spreadsheet requires.

Secondly, most spreadsheet programs, such as Excel, don’t offer an automatic updating function, which means that much more work for you. Add in multiple users and the margin for error spreads, along with increased security risks. 

In many cases, there are several or more admins that need to share data. Spreadsheets are difficult to share, because they typically require a specific program to open. The recipient has to either download and open a program, or share one computer where the program is downloaded. It can also be a challenge to teach new users how to read and add to an existing spreadsheet or database, especially if there are complicated algorithms involved.

Spreadsheets can be Hacked or Lost

Spreadsheets are vulnerable to viruses and hackers, especially in Excel versions prior to 2013 (Newman). Spending hours creating a spreadsheet of valuable information only to have it disappear can be crushing, not to mention a waste of time. One community manager we worked with had lost all of their spreadsheet data to a computer virus.

There are also multiple hacker programs that can sift through the spreadsheet’s code to find passwords in minutes, leaving your data vulnerable. When dealing with tenants’ or visitors’ personal information, you want it as safe as possible. 

So how is Parking Boss a better solution?

Parking Boss is Convenient

Unlike most spreadsheet programs, the app does not require advanced training to use. The simple layout and clear steps means it’s easy to understand. You can quickly add other admins and users, allowing them to access important information from any device. They don’t need to download and maintain cumbersome desktop programs; they just need a Parking Boss account.  If you do need to create or share your Parking info in a spreadsheet, Parking Boss allows you to export it into an Excel document. Our Smart Decals can be easily assigned to residents, and their information securely saved in Parking Boss.

Parking Boss is Cloud-Based

With Parking Boss, managing parking is not only easier and more efficient (learn how here), but your information will stay secure. Parking Boss uses cloud-based storage with multiple, on-going backups, providing a much higher level of data security. Because it’s cloud-based, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of installing and updating programs just to view your data. Log in from any device and get quick access to your account.

If you’re tired of panning through endless columns of data and dealing with archaic tracking systems, let us do the hard work for you. The Parking Boss application provides a secure, reliable and easy-to-use system for managing your tenants’ information. Request a free demo to find out how Parking Boss can provide parking solutions for your community. 



Source: “Understanding Excel’s Password Security Methodology.” -Aug. 20, 2014 Chris Newman

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