Introducing: Field Agent

Field Agent was created specifically for non-Admin-level Parking Boss users.

With Field Agent, your admins and patrol personnel can still conveniently track parking and record violations; but only see the most relevant information. For example, a patrol person logged into Field Agent can see a vehicle’s history of violations, any active permits, and create notes & violations, but won’t see the vehicle owner’s registration info, such as email and phone number. This will only be accessible by community admins. Not only does this add another layer of privacy, but your parking enforcement doesn’t have to sift through extra information. 

Field Agent utilizes a simplified design for faster, convenient navigation.

A notable difference between the standard Parking Boss interface and Field Agent is the colors. Field Agent features a darkened background, which makes it easier on the eyes during night patrols. Because it shows less text and extra options, users can quickly scan through and find important information. Let’s take a look at some of the key features:


View Active & Expired Parking Permits

Field Agents can easily switch between communities using the Account option. Once in the appropriate community screen, they will see three options: Active Permits, Upcoming (permits about to start), and Expired Permits. With a quick look, they can see all active parking permits and the length of parking time. Vehicle notes and details have been removed from the main screen, and information is trimmed down to the license plate number and active permit. A tap on the desired license plate number will take the user to more details.

Search a Decal or License Plate


Like standard Parking Boss, security personnel can still search a license plate number or scan a decal. However, Field Agent will only show the unit number the vehicle is registered to, the length of the parking permit, and any notes or violations, providing increased privacy for residents &  visitors. Instead of the entire vehicle history, personnel can view any violations or permits within the last 30 days. The simplified navigation makes it easier to get to the important information faster, which helps make your patrol teams' job easier.


Record a Parking Violation

To record a violation, users still follow the same convenient steps; simply search or enter the license plate number, and choose "Record Violation." Once the violation is logged, the patroller should place a warning card on the vehicle, which the owner can use to visit the Virtual Parking Attendant. 

If you want more privacy for your residents, and a convenient way to distinguish your Admins from your patrol and security personnel, then Field Agent is a great addition to your Parking Boss system. Contact us today to learn more about Field Agent, or to schedule a free demo  with one of our Parking Boss experts.

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