How to Use Parking Boss Without a Smartphone

"What if my residents don't have a smartphone?"

This is a question that, believe it or not, comes up quite often. We’ll be having a conversation with a manager about Parking Boss and before too long, they ask us, “What if my residents don’t have a smartphone?” It’s a valid question, especially considering the fact that many properties and communities have elderly residents. They may not always use smartphones, and registering a vehicle or requesting a special permit may seem a bit overwhelming, or even impossible.

Here’s What You Need to Know

We encounter this question often, but in reality, 9 times out of 10 this has never been an issue. Most guests that visit a resident are in possession of a smartphone. However, if they aren’t, there are a number of options available to a resident, guest, and community when it comes to registering a vehicle. Let’s look at a few of them:


1.Register Upon Move-In

A resident will typically register their car through the management office upon moving into the community. Once a resident vehicle is registered, depending on the community’s preferences, physical media will be available to identify their car as a registered vehicle (decals, hangtags, etc.). All that is left to do is park in the proper spaces. Pretty easy!


2.Register a Car Online

A guest vehicle can be registered online by the resident hosting the visitors. Each community can give their residents magnets with a QR code and web address that will both take them directly to the registration page. Depending on the community, hangtags are also available for residents to give their guests to hang in their car. 



3.Register at the Community Office


A guess vehicle can also be registered by going directly through the management office. Most management offices are able to be contacted via Google or even by dialing 411. If the guest has a computer at home, they can email the management office ahead of time and inquire about obtaining a guest permit. This may not be as convenient as having a host register their visitor, but it is an option. 


If your residents and their guests aren't smartphone-wielding folk, rest assured; there are multiple ways for them to register a guest vehicle. And remember, a community’s or HOA’s CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) should always be made readily available to their residents and homeowners, and should clearly state what the parking regulations are and how they can go about registering a guest vehicle or special permit on their own. 

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