Why are Vehicle Histories Important?

It’s That Truck Again

Many managers of apartments and condos involving community parking are familiar with “the truck.” The truck that has been sitting there for three days, taking up valuable parking space. The truck that your residents are complaining about. Does the truck belong to a new resident, sneaking in an extra vehicle?

Perhaps it’s a guest who’s overstaying their welcome. Isn’t that the same truck that was here last month? The problem is, unless somebody is willing to stake out the spot to catch the parking perp in the act, you don’t know. 

We often had this problem in our small apartment complex, which offered limited parking to begin with. One morning we awoke to find “the truck” in one of our parking spots (yes, our resident spot). At first we thought it was a guest, but soon discovered, after much door-knocking, that nobody knew who it was.

Our complex manager did not live on site, and did not have lot security or an effective monitoring system. We realized it was probably abandoned, and after three days the truck was finally towed. We never did find out who it belonged to. If you find this a little too familiar, I’m happy to tell you that there is a solution.

How Vehicle Histories Can Help You

Parking Boss has a simple and effective solution to this all-too-common problem. With the Parking Boss system, guests must register when they park. If they are a guest, they can register the amount of time they plan to park and specify which resident they are visiting.

Every time a guest registers for parking, their vehicle information is automatically stored in Parking Boss, and a vehicle history is created. This history can be easily and quickly accessed by you and any admins you add, such as parking security personnel.

Even better, it’s easy to manage these histories, without resorting to cumbersome spreadsheets or manual databases. In fact, you can access them right from your mobile device.

With cloud storage and multiple backups, Parking Boss keeps these histories secure, meaning you don’t ever have to worry about losing valuable information.


Anytime there is a parking violation, it's tracked in the vehicle’s history.

Do you have a repeat offender? Is that truck still there? With a quick search of the vehicle’s license plate in Parking Boss, you can view it’s parking history. With a few taps on your smartphone, you can see which resident they visited, when, and any prior permits or violations issued.

Use the app to send a warning or make notes about the vehicle.

If you want more proof of the offense, you can also snap a photo of the vehicle and upload it. A photo makes it easy for everybody on your team to know exactly which vehicle is in question, and gives you proof of the violation.

Having access to a vehicle’s parking history makes it easier for you to take the appropriate action. Parking Boss keeps your parking options fair and well-managed, which keeps you and your residents happy.


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