What is a Virtual Parking Attendant and how can it fix the guest parking problems in my community?

Traditional Parking Attendant

Many are familiar with Mr. Parking Attendant. You know, that guy sitting in a little booth as you drove up to a parking garage entrance. He took your money, gave you a ticket for your dashboard, let you through the barrier gate, and sent you on your way to find an open spot. He served an important function as he made sure no one was parking without authorization, and that people were paying for their parking time.

Today, expensive kiosk stations have taken the place of their human counterparts, because the cost of hiring is more expensive and less dependable. Still, it’s primary function is to collect money and regulate access to those who’ve paid for their parking time.

So regardless of the system, paid parking garages have multiple proven solutions. But how do you solve part-time parking in a private community?


Not Enough Guest Parking

A common and major problem throughout multi-family communities is the lack of adequate guest parking. This comes as no surprise; as builders try to maximize property space and profits, and what suffers most is guest parking. On top of that, the guest parking they do have is often abused by live-in “guests”, or by residents themselves. When a community lacks adequate guest parking it is difficult to utilize the spaces they do have and make sure all guests are treated equally.

A community could always hire Mr. Parking Attendant at a cost of about $40k a year. Of course, he’d do a good job; hanging around the lot, making sure all the guests were following the rules. On the other hand, installing an expensive kiosk would make no sense because they’re only good for paid parking. Either way, neither of these commercial options offer a good solution for a community.


Virtual Parking Attendant

The best practice for communities that offer guest parking is to document the rules in their CC&Rs. And if they don’t, they should. The number one parking rule should be how long each guest can park. For example, 24 hours every 7 days, or maybe 10 days every month.

But here’s the problem; how can you effectively track how long each guest has parked? Again, unless you have Mr. Attendant logging guest vehicles 24/7, it’s a tall (and costly) task.

Until now.

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The Parking Boss Virtual Parking Attendant places the responsibility of guest vehicle registration on the guest and residents. It takes only seconds to register from any smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer. The Virtual Attendant tracks the parking time of every registered guest vehicle. When their time is up, they’re blocked from registering again until their individual “parking clock" resets. The Virtual Attendant replaces the need for a costly on-site attendant.


Patrolling Simplified

Because of the Virtual Attendant, identifying parking offenders becomes a breeze. Any Parking Boss admin (e.g. HOA board member, property manager, or security/patrol) can simply check the parked guest vehicles against the safe-list in the software. If they aren’t on the list a warning can be logged and appropriate action taken.

Are you having trouble with guest parking? Are residents abusing your guest spaces? Contact us to learn how the Virtual Parking Attendant will help solve your community guest parking problems.

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