Guest Parking Problems Reflect Poorly on HOA, Apartment, and Condo Communities

People talk, especially those with something to complain about. And the truth is, bad news travels much faster than good. This has always been the case, and it’s no different when it comes to community parking problems. In today’s online-absorbed, review-centered world, it’s easier than ever for negative complaints to make its way to your potential future tenants. Here’s just a few Yelp reviews I came across after a simple search for condo and apartment guest parking:

First off, there are not enough parking spots for all of the residents living here. Guests, visitors? God help you.
— Tampa, FL
No one wants to visit because of the huge hassle with visitor parking.
— Tampa, FL
Very limited guest parking. Sometimes it’s not worth having people over because of this.
— Garden Grove, CA
Guest parking is a joke.
— Los Angeles, CA

The importance of clear and fair guest parking for everyone is critical for any multi-family community wishing to avoid tension and complaints.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to avoid (or solve!) these problems:

  1. Set aside space for guests. We understand parking is an incredibly limited resource, but visitors who find no place to park may accidentally park in resident spaces and cause frustration and anger.
  2. Clearly mark your guest/visitor spaces. This is easily accomplished with signage and/or pavement markings. As one of our customers put it: “we also have found that the green 'Guest Parking' signs have inadvertently caused a system of accountability in which guests feel obligated to use the Parking Boss system correctly.”
  3. Set clear guest parking rules. I’m sure you’ve seen the “live-in” guests that seems to constantly take more than their fair share of parking. Or maybe its the tenant that parks their extra car in the guest space. Set clear limits that every guest must abide by. This will free up parking for true guests and benefit everyone.
  4. Be committed to enforcement. First off, after implementing a new guest parking solution, allow some time for your tenants to understand how it works. Especially in the first month or so, we think it’s good practice to warn anyone not in compliance at least once or twice before taking serious action. You may also want to consider professional enforcement, since a patrol/tow company provides a helpful separation between you and your tenants, residents, and visitors.
  5. Always know what’s going on. A system that keeps everyone in the loop is the key to successful parking. Unless everyone’s on the same page, mistakes happen and creates unnecessary frustration that will undermine your goals.

There’s more than one way to implement these guidelines, but Parking Boss makes it easy - we’ve designed our system to make parking simple, clear, and easy-to-enforce. We’d love to talk with you about your specific circumstances and recommend a solution!

Within days of using Parking Boss, we saw a dramatic difference in parking availability and resident/guest satisfaction. Having an official system in place has helped create a more organized, professional parking experience.
— Mindy Thuman, Community Director, California Palms - Santa Ana, CA

Parking Boss is all about zero problem parking for condos, apartments, and HOAs. If you’re interested in finding out how Parking Boss can help your community, please contact us at (866) 387-7275 or Request a Demo here...